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Do you ever feel that your life is just a series of events that collide into one another? Sometimes it feels like memories are created but no time is given to reflect on them. It is done in a flash and we move on. Boom, on to the next one. Boom, next one.

In the startup world, you always have to be thinking ahead and planning your next move. It can be so easy to fall into the trap of not enjoying the present moment or reflecting on the little victories. Forward thinking is great but it’s also so important to allow ourselves to take a step back.

That is why, with the summer months looming, we wanted to take the time to reflect on our most inspiring event to date - The Summer Stretch Series.

How it all Started

When we say that the series was “our most inspiring to date”, we are not trying to suggest that we are the inspiring ones (that would be a bit much :P). It was our community and collaborators who brought the inspiration. We could not have been more in awe of the energy, enthusiasm and positivity that everyone contributed in their own way.

The Summer Stretch Series started with an idea.

At the time we were four months into business and trying to spread a simple message. Our goal with everything we did was to encourage people to get out, get active, stretch themselves and make life richer. That is still our message to this very day.

But we didn’t want to be the brand that was all talk. We wanted to join in on the fun and spread our message through action. Like many other times in the past, we reached out to our community for help. We wanted to see if people would be interested in collaborating with us on a series of events to help spread our message. The positive reaction was amazing. We really couldn’t believe the willingness of people to help out. The positive response made it official. The series we dreamt of holding, was actually happening.

10 Weeks of Collaboration, Inspiration and Perspiration

From the very start, the support was incredible. Our goal with the Summer Stretch Series was to get people outdoors, making new friends and trying something a little different. The ten weeks encapsulated so many of the things we believe in. There was an amazing amount of collaboration from our community and trainers. There was meditation, yoga, crossfit, circuit training, bootcamps and functional movement training. There was even something that was totally new to all of us - cardio jam sessions with Poundfit. Of course, there was also sunshine, laughter, vitamin D and copious amounts of coffee.

We could not be more grateful to the inspirational leaders and trainers who helped us organize such great events.

Jody Crosbie took us all through circuits in Terenure Park. Julie B introduced us all to the amazing experience that is practicing yoga out in the fresh air. David Last, fitness expert with the42.ie, got everyone moving their bodies with a mobility and flexibility session. Another first for many people. Katie Coldrick forced us to return to the here and now with an incredible breath-centered yoga practice. We also hit the artistically graffitied streets of Dublin for a crossfit session with Rob Sweeney of Crossfit Navitas.

One of biggest sessions of the summer was held in Sandymount Strand against the backdrop of the Dublin City skyline. It was a little hard to take in just how many people turned out and bought into what we were doing. Personal trainers Becca Gillen & Sarah Moloney had everyone sweating by the seaside with a good old fashioned beach workout. You can see some amazing footage of that day below.


The final few weeks saw yoga and meditation with Liz Costigan of the PositiveFitnessProject and a poundfit workout with Carla Roberts. We then had our first venture outside of Dublin. A packed workout in the park with Cork crossfit trainer Billy O’Regan. Then, for the grand finale, we headed to Bray, Wicklow. The all round incredibly talented Ian Morley put everyone through their paces before enjoying an afternoon coffee at the Happy Pear.

Lessons Learned From The Summer Stretch Series

The Summer Stretch Series was created to showcase the type of lifestyle that exemplifies the new Ireland. A new lifestyle where you use exercise and outdoor activities as a way of socializing. Where weekends are full of experiences that lead to a more positive and richer life.

The reaction we had to the series was amazing. Our eyes were opened to the power of collaboration, community and spreading a positive message. There were also little lessons learned that left a huge mark. How good it feels to take in a slow controlled breath or practice yoga in nature. How amazing it is to release your inner child and just have fun in the park with friends. How humbling it is to be a complete beginner again.

The Summer Stretch Series was everything we hoped for and more. Once again we want to thank everyone that played their part in its success. This goes out to trainers, videographers, volunteers, attendees...everyone. The series was one of the best things we have done as a company and something we gained a huge amount of inspiration from.

Now, on to the next one…

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