Become a Gym+Coffee Brand Ambassador

Being a part of the program involves you helping people discover, connect with and fall in love with the Gym+Coffee brand and clothing. As an ambassador you are tasked with growing our community and encouraging people to Make Life Richer through your actions, your social media messaging and your enthusiasm for life. We want you to share how you find the right balance between the physical aspect and social side of life, while inspiring others to find what works for them.

Being a part of our program is a way for you to connect with us at Gym+Coffee. You will receive exclusive newsletters to ensure you are always in the loop on what is coming up before the wider community. Alongside this you will also be involved in a number of exciting activities such as developing new products, generating ideas for marketing campaigns, be showcased on our website and be in with the chance to win incredible prizes like trips to Ireland. Collaborating with you will allow us to learn from you while also further growing our incredible community.


The “Perfect Fit”..

The truth is, we do not have any set profile for our Ambassadors. We want to work with people who share our passion, who try to get more out of each day and inspire others to do the same. In the past this has included personal trainers, adventurers, yogis, coffee shop owners, and absolutely everything in between.

While you don’t have to have a massive Instagram following or a crazy list of accolades, you do have to have a passion to Make Life Richer, for Gym+Coffee and our clothing. We want our Ambassadors to be shining examples who help inspire, motivate and support the Gym+Coffee community.

Sound like a job for you? Apply below!