December 04, 2018 1 min read

 Do the men in your life like to workout? Does your dad go for runs and your bro plays football and your uncle is a yogi? Does your son go to the gym 5 days a week and your partner is a hockey fanatic and maybe your nephew is just super into coffee? Maybe you are the man in your life? Maybe you’re planning for the life you want to have and that involves a Gym+Coffee man (#MakeLifeRicher amirite)?
GET INVOLLLLLLVED THEN! We have everything you need to make his Christmas just a little more joyful:
Gym+Coffee Mens Athleisure Maroon Red Tshirt
It’s cold outside, but he runs hot: For the guy who always complains that the thermostat is too high. GET HIM A T-SHIRT AND CRANK THAT BAD BOY UUUUPPPPP!
Gym+Coffee Mens Rust Athleisure Fleece Hoodie
Designed in Ireland and perfect for ‘borrowing’ from him when it hits those delightful winter temperatures. Get a FLEECE! You’ll all be happy. Pockets, hood, zips, all included.
Gym+Coffee Men's Athleisure Parker Half Zip Running Top - Teal
Ventilation is great. So are those thumb-hole-cuff-things. That is all.
Gym+Coffee Stainless Steel Reusable Water-bottles - photo: Lisa O'Brien Photography
Water is good to drink and plastic is not great for our current climate (literally) ergo you should get him a stainless steel water bottle. Use the word ‘ergo’ in your Christmas card though and you’re on your own.

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