Sustainable practice at Gym+Coffee means taking care of our people, our community and our planet. The steps we take now, are ensuring we all have a healthier future ahead of us. We have lots to learn and we are excited for the journey we're taking.


Our people and our Make Life Richer community are the foundation of everything that is Gym+Coffee. Fostering and protecting a safe, inclusive, optimistic, and open culture is paramount and that goes from our team members to our collaborators to our business partners.

Our social sustainability programme includes:

  • Offering a safe and inclusive work environment and ensuring our team members are treated with dignity and respect;
  • Offering a programme of free events focused on health and wellbeing, with the intent to contribute positively to our community and the communities around us;
  • Developing relationships with stakeholders who share our commitment to social sustainability.


As we grow, we want to make sure we are treading lighter and contributing positively to the world we live in. Sustainable practice and planning for our collective future is woven into our entire brand and community, and we are proud to say we continue to learn more about how we can improve every day.

Our product range includes 100% recycled garments and we aim to have a minimum of 30% of our entire range be sustainably made and/or made from recycled materials by the end of this year. We are the only brand in Ireland offering award-winning recycled carry bags made from recycled fridges (!) and we have a range of reusable accessories including KeepCups and stainless steel water bottles.

Our clothing bags are reusable and can be repurposed to make them more than single-use, and all our delivery and courier parcels are now 100% compostable!

To learn more about our sustainable goals and measures, head here.


From a commitment to global reforestation efforts through our One Tree Planted partnership, to our collaborations with and support of groups like the Sanctuary Runners and Heroes Aid we are committed to continuing to develop relationships with groups who foster a strong sense of community and through their own work contribute to sustainability efforts.

To learn more about our partners, head here.