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MEET THE CHARITIES: The Proud Trust + BeLonG To

Join us in celebrating this Pride Month alongside our artist-in-residence, Marie Pujanes, the incredible illustrator behind our Pride 2022 accessory range.

These items are LIMITED EDITION and ALL PROCEEDS go to our charity partners, BeLonG To + The Proud Trust.

The Proud Trust

The Proud Trust is a charity with a lot of history. Its roots can be traced back to Waterloo Place, Manchester, in the 1970s where an organisation called the Gay Youth Group first began its meetings.

The name of the organisation sends a clear message: To let young people of the LGBTI+ community know that they can be proud of their identity, without fear or shame.

The Proud Trust provides essential services, including youth groups, peer support, mentoring programmes and a free, online instant messaging service.

To access The Proud Trust and their services or read about the incredible work they do, head here.

The Proud Trust puts LGBT+ young people at the forefront of our work (via Facebook/TheProudTrust)

BeLonG To

The aim of BeLonG To is simple: Help create a world where LGBTI+ young people feel are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences.

Advocating for and campaigning on behalf of LGBTI+ youth became a core mission for BeLonG To since their formation in 2003. The organisation now focuses on providing, mental health, sexual health and drug and alcohol support.

The group offers educational courses, support groups and counselling services.

To access BeLonG To and their services or read about the incredible work they do, head here.

Belong To Charity Partner for Pride 2022

BeLonG To advocates and campaigns on behalf of young LGBTI+ people.

Gym+Coffee is proud to be supporting both The Proud Trust and BeLonG To for the second year in a row.

For more information on our Marie x Gym+Coffee Tote Bags + Water Bottles, head here.