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Irish MMA Fighter Dee Begley takes on the World

November 12, 2018 1 min read

Irish MMA Fighter Dee Begley takes on the World

Today, Dee Begley takes on her first opponent at the MMA World Championships in Bahrain.

At only 23 years of age, Dee has an impressive list of accomplishments that we predict will only get bigger in years to come. In kickboxing, a multiple Irish champion, she has competed at the highest level, coming away with multiple World and European medals.

We have go to know Dee this year and during that time we found out more about her fighting life and her desire to get to the very pinnacle of her sport. The most amazing thing is that Dee follows this strict regime of training and competing all while excelling at a 9-5 career as well. Her drive to succeed is equally present in the gym as it is at work.

While discussing her ambitions, Dee said she has recently noticed a huge shift in her mindset. At the beginning of her career, the expectations she put on herself were much lower. That has changed a lot in recent years. Now her eyes are firmly fixed on achieving big things. Today is a massive day in her career and another stepping stone to those big goals!

Follow along as we track her progress this week!

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