Irish Paralympian Ciara Staunton Meeting Rugby Legend Brian O'Driscoll

Ciara Staunton puts Brian O'Driscoll through his paces

Hi guys, Brian here, your Gym+Coffee Head of Community!!


Last month, I was exceptionally lucky to meet an inspiring woman by the name of Ciara Staunton.

Ciara is a key member of the Irish Wheelchair Rugby team and she was kind enough to let myself and the crew visit them recently during one of their training sessions in Vicarstown. I won’t give too much of the story away here - best to check out the video for yourselves. I can tell you two things though: it’s safe to say she’s a woman who lives and breathes the Make Life Richer philosophy and she and the lads definitely didn’t take it handy on me on the court/pitch!

Brian O'Driscoll trains with Irish Wheelchair Rugby Team Star Ciara Staunton

It was pretty inspiring for me to spend some time with such incredible people who like most of us, are fiercely competitive in their sport of choice ; I’m looking forward for you to meet Ciara and see what she’s all about.

This new Community Stories series we’re putting together here at Gym+Coffee is the perfect way to showcase just a handful of the unreal people we have here in this country. Whether it’s playing Wheelchair Rugby or running a gym, it’s all about Community with so much to gain from and share with the people right here beside us.

Keep on generating your own Make Life Richer stories and sending them through to the G+C team - we absolutely love hearing from you.


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