About us

Our Story...

Encouraging a New Movement

A few years ago we noticed a growing lifestyle shift in Ireland. People's attitudes, desires and behaviors were changing in a very positive way. 

The cafe had become the new social gathering point. Exercising and outdoor adventure had become the new way of connecting. 

We felt very passionate about this way of living. We wanted to be part of the movement and encourage it even further. With the rise of athleisure clothing we saw an opening that brought it all together.

Make Life Richer

At Gym+Coffee, we want to be more than just a clothing company. Our whole purpose is to build a brand that encourages a more active lifestyle. We want to inspire everyone to ‘Make Life Richer’. 

This idea is central to everything we do as a company. Our goal is to build a passionate community around this philosophy. 

Representing a New Ireland 


There has always been a very traditional view of Ireland. In recent times however, there has been a cultural shift. The artistic and creative roots behind many famous playwrights and dramatists remain in the DNA. But now there is a modern edge.


Being surrounded by beauty, the people want to get outdoors and embrace it. The new generation of Irish are less concerned with nightlife and more interested in physical activities and creating lasting memories. 

We want to showcase this new Ireland and connect it to the world.

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No it's..

We get asked all the time about the name. The questioning is like a new-age twist on the old Superman line. Is it a gym? Is it a cafe? No, it's a...clothing brand.

We'll admit it, it's a tad unusual. Our reasoning behind the name is actually quite simple. 

Gym + Coffee is an equation we believe leads to a fulfilling life. Gym represents the physical aspect. Coffee stands for the sociable side. The + is about finding the balance that brings it all together. 


At Gym+Coffee we firmly believe in the power of community. Our vision is to be the most collaborative athleisure brand on the planet. Do you have a cool idea or any feedback of your own? Get in touch, we want to hear from you.