May 15, 2018 3 min read

The day is finally upon us.
The time for launching our leggings has arrived and we could not be more excited. After over a year packed full of designing, preparing, testing, refining, and retesting, the work has finally paid off. The ‘All-In Pant’ and the ‘RestLess Pant’ are here.

Let’s put the spotlight on the first design in our new range of leggings. This is your go-to leggings, the All-In Pant.

Why "All-In"?
The phrase "all-in" originated in poker but has taken on a broader meaning. In poker, it means putting all your chips on one hand of cards. It is fully committing to your choice and going after it unreservedly.

The same goes for the All-In Pant. You start your day and plan out your schedule: It will start with a trip to the coffee shop, then meeting a friend for a walk before heading to town to pick up a few bits. On top of that you want to fit in a quick business lunch and a workout. We’re pretty sure we are leaving out a whole lot here. There could be multiple outfit changes but you decide to fully commit to one. You go all-in on one item - the comfortable, versatile and all-encompassing All-In Pant.

A Focus on Detail
High waistband elongates your legs and holds your body in all the right places, giving you maximum confidence. Not only is this a flattering look but the power-net reinforced band means it won’t dig in or slide down. A highly requested feature from our activity-oriented community.

Buttery soft, four-way-stretch fabric hugs your lower body in an all-day cosy embrace. The naked feel keeps you comfortable and secure as you move your way through the day.

Support, feel and comfort were front and centre in our minds when designing and creating our leggings. The curved seam at the lower back offers extra support on your glutes. While a single curved out-seam gives a beautiful shape to your leg. Both features allow the legging to move with you while keeping their shape.

A flattering ⅞ length is both comfortable and chic. Sitting right above the ankle, it offers a less restrictive feel.

Sometimes you just have to answer that call to up the ante physically. An afternoon jog, an impromptu stretch in the park. Sweat-wicking fabric, combined with high waist and all round outstanding quality, mean this pant is still the perfect choice.

Leggings with pockets was another thing that was highly requested. Our Breathe styles come fit with a slick power-net pocket. Yoga pants are meant to be versatile so designing leggings with pockets is something that made a lot sense to us.

Where to Wear?
The All-In pant are your go-to yoga pants.

 has propelled the legging into almost every category. Yoga pants can, on the one hand, occupy the same space as jeans while also coming into their own in a more active setting. Leggings as business casual, training wear, yoga gear, lounging pants, coffee dates and aerobic exercise.

We love the versatility and the All-In is our ode to that wide range of functionality. As appropriate in the yoga class or gym floor as they are in coffee dates or trips to the farmer’s market. The All-In Pant for All-Inclusive activity.

Styles - Classic and Breathe
The All-In pant comes in two styles - ‘Classic’ and ‘Breathe’. As hinted by the name, the difference is in added breathability. The ‘All-In Breathe’ comes complete with a breathable panel for extra ventilation. For lovers of leggings with pockets, the All-In Breathe also comes with a slick power-net pocket for storing essentials.

With these two styles G+C is throwing a new entry into the world’s great debates. The big question - "Are you Classic or Breathe"?

Please don’t make us choose, can’t we just have both?

Check out our entire leggings and yoga collection here.

Learn more about our RestLess Leggings by reading our Spotlight on the Restless Range.

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