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Indoor. Outdoor. Away. Close to home. Wherever you’re spending the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some cold weather family activities! These boredom busters are here to keep you entertained all Christmas-long. Now get out there (or stay in) and have some fun!


A classic favorite winter activity for the whole family. Glide across the rink as confident as can be or stay close to the perimeter, nobody’s judging here. Seek out your closest arena and shred it up!


The only time of year wearing your pajamas all day long isn’t frowned upon. And there’s always some great movies to binge! And some not-so-great ones that you’ll watch anyway. Equip yourself with your favorite snack of choice and get the coziest blanket you can find!


Popping into a Christmas market is one of our favorite winter activities. Exploring the unique, artisan crafted goods, sampling the delicacies that only come around this time of year and getting to meet Santa himself all top the charts when it comes to getting into the Christmas mood. And the CAROLS… get us feeling all sorts of fuzzi-ness inside!

Christmas markets, winter activities, family activities in cold weather, best Xmas activities, fun winter games, christmas markets, cold weather activities


If the weather complies, there’s no better way to spend a Christmas afternoon than sledding down the snow-covered hills! It’s suitable for children of all ages and no matter how many times you do it, you’ll always go back for “one last spin”. Word of warning: Mind your limbs and wear good gloves!


If a hug in a mug was a thing, we’re pretty sure it would be hot cocoa. Whether you add your marshmallows on top or keep it simple with some chocolate sprinkles, this crowd favorite becomes the go-to drink this time of year! I’ve even heard of people sprinkling cinnamon on top… Mind = Blown!


Aside from the hustle and bustle of Christmas, sometimes you need a moment or two to wind down. It’s a great time of year to book in a slot next to the fireplace on that cozy armchair and dive into a captivating novel.


Ahhh, the wonderful outdoors! Yes, the temperatures may be a bit cooler but that means it’s twice as fun to get out enjoying nature’s finest treks + trails. With reliable winter gear, you can adventure and breathe in all that fresh air whilst staying cozy and content.


We love the Christmas Classics as much as everyone else but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. With some many wonderful recipe books out there, we’re big fans of going full Gordon Ramsey this time of year (minus the expletives) to discover new tasty treats that you can add to your kitchen prowess.


Chill out. Wind down. However this looks for you, make sure to find some time for yourself this season. We always get caught up in the madness of everyday life throughout the year and how many times do we actually step back and take a minute? It’s important to switch off + recharge for all the new things to come.


It can go either way. Everyone is full up on food + drink, you spot the first yawn and it’s only 19:30! Add some life to your evening with a night dedicated to fun, easy-to-follow (is that ever true?) board games. The only ask is that you continue to remain friends after playing a whole raft of fun classics.


Christmas can be a very tough time for many people, it’s not all joy-filled and merry. There are those less fortunate out there who need support + help this time of year. If you’re in a position to do so, please consider donating warm blankets and meals to your local food bank or homeless shelter. A little bit of help goes a long way.


Snowman-building is the perfect activity for the whole family, especially the kids. 1) It takes quite a while to build one. 2) It’s outside, they're away from the chocolate box. 3) They’re worn out by the end of it so are less likely to cause a ruckus when they come back in! Oh and it’s always a bit of fun competition against your neighbors right?!


With that, we’ve basically planned out the next few weeks all in one go. For all the ‘What will we do today?’ questions you’re bound to face, you’re now equipped with loads of options to share some wholesome + fun, winter activities with your nearest and dearest this season.