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May 16, 2020 2 min read

No-one’s ever really a huge fan of being called out on something, especially when you thought you were already doing a bunch of good things. But that’s exactly the position we found ourselves in after our 3rd Birthday celebrations in support of 20x20.

We were and are so proud of all the awesome folks who came out to the Sugarloaf to post their own 2020 goals and to pledge their commitment to furthering the 20x20 campaign, however they saw fit. We as individuals in the G+C crew, did exactly the same and it felt really good!

The chats we had throughout the day though, brought to light the fact that Gym+Coffee as a company, had made no public pledges to the 20x20 goals of a 20% increase in media coverage, participation and game attendance at women’s games and for women’s sports.

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to rectify this!

This year, Gym+Coffee is making the following pledges towards the 20x20 movement:

We will write, publish + promote AT LEAST 20 articles profiling women in sport, health + wellness on all the channels we have available to us.

We will organise + run no fewer than 25 FREE events encouraging participation in physical activities.

We will donate our time and/or products to 10 female-centric charities, clubs or crews who are themselves promoting + encouraging participation in physical activities.


We will attend at least 1 Women’s International game (taking suggestions as to which game(s) we should attend!) as a team.

You can get involved by making a pledge of your own and the folks at 20x20 have made it super easy for you. Commit to one (or really, as many as you like!) of the following pledges and #ShowYourStripes for women in sport!

Pledge to Participate or play more
Pledge to Attend more women’s sporting events
Pledge to Promote, discuss, share, like or follow more female athletes on social.


Make sure you download their filters for Instagram and Facebook too!

Keep an eye out over the next week for the first in a series of Athlete Profiles in the lead up to IWD AND a round-up of our first-ever panel event focused on Women in Sport being held at our Dundrum store on March 4th!

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