Homeopathic IT Support Specialist Conor, kindly helping us to see the error of our ways. Gym+Coffee has always prided itself on being a brand that encourages and embodies the true spirit of inclusivity. We fear we may have failed ourselves and more importantly, you, our community.
Conor, please accept our sincere and profuse apologies for (as you so gently put it) ‘inadvertently excluding a huge demographic who would otherwise be quite happy to purchase’ from Gym+Coffee.
We are committed to righting our wrongs; Gym+Tae will not go unexplored.
With warmest regards and a cup o’ tae in our hands,
The Gym+Coffee+OtherBeverages Team
Gym+Coffee+Tae Original Letter
Gym+Coffee becomes Gym+Tae Tshirt
Gym+Coffee becomes Gym+Tae Tshirt

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