Gym+Coffee Are Celebrating The Halfway Point

Gym+Coffee Are Celebrating The Halfway Point

July 04, 2018

We Are Halfway There

This week has really hit us as being the halfway point. 

June is almost over so we are halfway through 2018 (Monday is officially 182 days into the year, the halfway point, scary).

We don’t know how it happened but we are also halfway through the 2018 Summer Stretch Series. Event number six of ten is coming up this Sunday, the 1st of July. It honestly feels like we just announced the series yesterday, it’s been a whirlwind as always.

Summer Solstice hit last week so I guess we are halfway through the Summer. Although, come on, the sun just came out and the leaving cert students have barely put down their pens. Summer is only starting, isn’t it?..Isn't it? Please.

In all, it's the perfect chance to reflect on the event we held in January for our 1st birthday and talk about goal setting.

In January, along with some hardy members of our community we climbed the Sugarloaf Mountain to celebrate our first birthday.

As you can see in the video, at the top of the mountain we set our goals for the year ahead. Many people had goals such running marathons, adventure races, travelling more and trying new things.

We joined in on the goal-setting fun also. Now is a good time to check in, see how we are doing and reflect on the year so far.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goal setting is something that is extremely important to us. We use the hashtags #stretchyourself and #makelifericher a lot and goal-setting is something that really plays into that. Goal setting is the lead domino that pushes us to #stretchyourself and as a result #makelifericher

Goals help to focus the mind, create purpose and prioritize what's really important. 

Goal setting allows you to create a vision of how you want your life to go. That vision helps motivate you to get up in the morning and put in a day's shift. Even to get outdoors and enjoy yourself.

For us, setting goals and having a clear vision is something that is an absolute necessity for short-term and long-term motivation. It's what helps to pull us through.

Last December we shared our first annual report and some goals we had for the year. 

We wanted to make it to one year in business, hit 10,000 Instagram followers, launch in USA and launch our leggings collection. 

Not perfect, it rarely is but 3/4 was a pretty good return.

This year we have four more:   

  1. Make it to Two Years in Business
  2. Hit 30,000 Followers on Instagram
  3. Host Two US Events
  4. Launch Three New Product Ranges

Halfway through the year we have a lot of work to do but it's given us massive motivation to chase down our goals.

We're halfway through our second year in business and over halfway to 30,000 followers on Instagram. We've held one event in the US, another halfway.

We launched our leggings. That's not quite halfway towards our three product launches but tomorrow we have a big announcement to rectify that, stay tuned.

A Lot Done, More To Do


We mightn't be able to tick any of our four goals off the list just yet but we've had a lot of fun in 2018 nonetheless.

  • Held our first event outside of Ireland, our NYC launch
  • Added a few very popular additions to our hoodies collection - Forest Green and Midnight Navy.
  • Got everyone running before work with our Urban Stretch Series.
  • Said the lines "Not sure how we'll do that but it sounds like fun" over 1,000 times. 
  • Upped our caffeine intake to extraordinary levels.
  • Launched our leggings collection.
  • Advertised the world's most comfortable job - "Lead Hoodie Trier Onner"....for April Fools!
  • Were official clothing partner of Wellfest 2018.
  • Launched the #SummerStretch Series in association with Healthcoach by Laya Healthcare.
  • Beamed with pride for 25 Mondays in a row, looking through the awesome photos you guys tagged us in.

So, that's how we've been getting on. Now more importantly, how is everyone else getting on with their goals?

We've shared our year so far and would love to hear more about yours. If you are proud and want to share your achievements or frustrated and looking for advice, please share. We really mean it, we've put this survey together and would love for you all to share your 2018 journeys.

We cannot wait to hear your stories and share in your highs and lows. 

The G+C Mid-Point Promotion

It was amazing to reflect on our goals and the year to date. It goes by so fast, it's good to stop every now and again to take it all in. We encourage everyone to do the same.

This midpoint reflection week has put us in a celebratory mood. So, for a limited time we have offers across the range. Let's call it our Mid-Point Promotion.

For all those working towards your 2018 goals, you've made it to the mid-point. 

You deserve to celebrate!

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