June 24, 2020 2 min read

Since we first kicked things off way back in 2017, our range of menswear has expanded like a water balloon under a full-force faucet. In a good way. From our initial offering of men’s hoodies to our latest launch of tech tees and joggers, here’s a round-up of all the goods on offer for the lads.

Our hoodies have always been a staple on the G+C menu and we're all about dancing with the one who brung ya.

Our Fleck hoodies offer a durable, weighted fabric and are the go-to for everyday wear. The Classic Range offers a lighter fabric + streamlined silhouette and is the ideal option for summer cool-down cover, post-workout. The latest Pullover design saw us ditch the zips in favour of kangaroo pockets and a fleecy-feel fabric, and for those of you who love the pullover style but aren't ready to fully say goodbye to zippers, there's a Half-Zip Hoodie option that gives you the best of both worlds. Why choose if you don't have to?

We're now also branching out into Two-Tone styles and to be honest, there's not a single event or exercise we can think of that these bad boys aren't perfect for.

Anti-crease, moisture-wicking, lightweight + breathable. The Raglan Collection of tees + tanks are your base layer for all things training. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your exercise journey, getting the basics right is key. Start here with our Raglans and we promise it'll be a strong foundation for an active lifestyle.

Long sleeves in Ireland are a must regardless of the season. As we continued building our menswear range, a long sleeve technical top was a product offering fundamental to a well-rounded collection. The Long Sleeve Half-Zip is full-coverage layering piece designed to breath with your workout and climate.

Function-specific and flexibility are two pillars that our product design team focus on whenever they're creating new items for our community.

Our Daybreak range of men's shorts are one of our most versatile pieces and transition seamlessly from intense training (lightweight, quick-dry fabric) to High Street style (streamlined silhouette, contemporary length) without skipping a beat. G+C Insider Tip: they're also perfect as swimming trunks.  

We took this same approach to flexibility when we began designing our jogger + pant range and added a functionality focus giving us two unique designs. The MVP is your all-day, everyday commuter pant and the Bua Jogger ('Victory' in Irish) is your run-gym-sweat pant.

All-weather wear, no-excuses training and timeless style. Our men's outerwear is a growing range that his been tested in the wild and windy elements of Ireland's backyard. If it's hiking, outdoor biking and weekend wayfaring that get's you going, the Summit Shell is the outer layer made for you.

If it's post-gym-coffee-catch-up that you're transitioning to, the FastTrack Jacket is your go-to.

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